20 Trendy Short Haircuts

Many changes come in the fashion industry at a rapid a pace every year. Some styles become old while others leave their imprint in the minds of the people. If we talk about hair, then it is a very important part of your personality. Even hairstyles keep on changing at frequent intervals. So, if you are having hair in short length, then try out these amazing short haircuts. This article is going to guide you about 20 trendy short haircuts.

Top 20 Trendy Short Haircuts:

1.) Pixie:

Pixie Trendy Short Haircuts

Well, this type of haircut comes at the first position in the category of trendy short haircuts. It is one of the best short haircuts that provide you edgy and glamorous look.

2.) Asymmetrical Bob Haircut:

Trendy Short Haircuts Asymmetrical Bob Hair

This is a trendy and smashing haircut one must try. It is one of the most fabulous and trendy short haircuts. It looks extremely good and attractive on long faces.

3.) Bowl Cut with Retro Fringe:

Trendy Short Haircuts Bowl Cut with Retro Fringe

This kind of haircut gives you retro look and add so much beauty to your personality. So, try it and experience so much transformation in your personality.

4.) A-line Bob Trendy Short Haircuts:

A-line Bob Trendy Short Haircuts

A-line bob haircut gives you edgy look. It makes you appear younger. It is the best look for a woman having oval and long faces. This haircut gives a sophisticated and elegant look. You look prettier and classy with A-line bob haircut.

5.) Short Hair with Long Bangs:

Trendy Short Haircuts with Long Bangs

Long Bangs looks elegant with short hair. It makes your own style statement and let you stand apart from the crowd. You look stunning, glamorous, and gorgeous with long bangs.

6.) Blonde Hair with Mysterious Fringe:

Trendy Short Haircuts Long Bangs Blonde Hair with Mysterious Fringe

This type of blonde hairstyle looks completely amazing and fabulous. It gives a stunning look to a modern woman. So, try this beautiful haircut. It looks pretty on the woman having short hair.

7.) Sleek and Straight Trendy Short Haircuts:

Sleek and Straight Trendy Short Haircuts

This is the most flattering look a woman with short hair must possess. It looks extremely pleasant. It is one of the most sophisticated short haircuts that add magnetism to your personality.

8.) Curly Trendy Short Haircuts (The Marilyn Look):

Curly Trendy Short Haircuts

This old style of Marilyn Monroe is still in trend. She was a stunner in the era of the 1950s. No one could forget her unique hairstyle that had won the hearts of many people.

9.) Short Sideburns:

Trendy Short Haircuts Short Sideburns

The short sideburns look extremely cool on very short hair. It is a great style one may carry with very short hair. It looks appealing and attractive in its own way.

10.) Long Sideburns:

Trendy Short Haircuts Long Sideburns

Long sideburns look great on long faces. It provides edgy and emo look. So, if you are part of a music band, then this is the most stunning haircut for you. It gives the wild look to your personality.

11.) Wavy Trendy Short Haircuts:

Wavy Trendy Short Haircuts

This is the best look of a confident corporate woman. It looks completely stunning on her. It enhances her personality. It also makes her appear more confident and perfect.

12.) Layered Bob Trendy Short Haircuts:

Layered Bob Trendy Short Haircuts

Layers add great textures to your hair. A girl with layered hair looks so pleasing and amazing in her own way. So, try this amazing trendy short haircut for your hair.

13.) Side Swept Bang:

Trendy Short Haircuts Side Swept Bang

Side swept bang looks amazing and fabulous with short haircuts. It is a sweet haircut that adds innocence to your face. So, try this trendy and cute short haircuts for your hair.

14.) Disconnected Bob:

Trendy Short Haircuts Disconnected Bob

This kind of haircut adds lot much to your personality. This is a great haircut that transforms your personality like anything. So, try it. This is an amazing hairstyle that suits round and oval faces.

15.) Curly A-line Bob Trendy Short Haircuts:

Curly A-line Bob Trendy Short Haircuts

This is the best haircut you can try for curly short hair. It looks stunning and adds so much to the beauty of the face of a modern woman. So, go for it and come in the limelight with this amazing haircut.

16.) Straight Pixie with Defined Bangs:

Trendy Short Haircuts Straight Pixie with Defined Bangs

Straight hair looks pretty amazing on long and triangular faces. Straight Pixie with defined bangs looks clean and elegant. This is one of the best haircuts for very thin and long faces.

17.) Short Dreadlocks:

Trendy Short Haircuts Dreadlocks

This is one of the best trendy short haircuts for a black woman. It looks sophisticated and appealing on their faces.

18.) Blonde Bob with Edgy Ends:

Trendy Short Haircuts Blonde Bob with Edgy Ends

This is one of the best hairstyles that give an edgy look better than any other haircut. So, try it and enhance your facial beauty.

19.) Graphic Bob Trendy Short Haircuts:

Graphic Bob Trendy Short Haircuts

The graphic haircut is the most dynamic and trendy short haircuts. It looks completely stunning and impressive on the face of a bold lady.

20.) Short Bob:

Trendy Short Haircuts Short Bob

This is the most stylish and trendy short haircuts. A person with such kind of hairstyle usually becomes a style icon. The best part about this haircut is that it suits almost all kind of personalities.

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