20 Refreshing Fringe Hairstyles

Fringes and bangs beautifully frame our face and accentuates the facial features. Such haircut draws attention to the face. Fringes are a universal haircut that can be paired with the short, medium and long haircut. All you have to do is choose a correct fringe hairstyle that looks best on you. Read more, to know refreshing fringe hairstyles.

List of Refreshing Fringe Hairstyles:

1.) Cropped Slanted Fringe

Cropped slanted hairstyle- Fringe hairstyles

Bella Heathcote has pulled this hairstyle very beautifully. She is looking stunning in her black dress with side parted fringes. This is definitely one of the refreshing fringe hairstyles.

2.) Straight Eyebrow-Skimming Fringe

Straight Eyebrow-Skimming Fringe- fringe hairstyles

The English model Edie Campbell looks stunning in this hairstyle. The blonde hair with blunt bangs on the forehead looks nice. Such hairstyles are perfect to frame the face. It enhances the facial features. Thus, it is one of the ideal fringe hairstyles.

3.) Arched Fringe with Pointy Cut Ends

Arched Fringe with Pointy Cut Ends- Fringe hairstyles

The short bangs on the forehead with disconnected bangs look superb. The arched fringes compliments the entire look. The point cuts at the end matches with the edgy finish of the cut. It is one of the most loved fringe hairstyles this season.

4.) Blunt Fringe

Blunt Fringe- Fringe hairstyles

This is one of the classy fringe hairstyles. It looks perfect on every face shape. This will add volume to your thin hair and will draw attention to your lovely eyes.

5.) Full Fringe Hairstyle with Cute Pony

Full Fringe Hairstyle with Cute Pony- Fringe hairstyles

A thick fringe looks mesmerizing with the side free flowing bangs. To take this hairstyle a notch higher you can pair this with a high pony. This hairstyle is one of the simple fringe hairstyles that are worth trying.

6.) Elongated Horizontal Fringe

Elongated Horizontal Fringe- Fringe hairstyles

Elongated horizontal fringes flow free on the forehead. It gives mysterious flare. To gain a spare attention you can half tie your hair.

7.) Short Fringe Hairstyle with Sassy Pixie

Short Fringe Hairstyle with Sassy Pixie- Fringe hairstyles

Short fringe hairstyle with a pixie haircut looks adorable. This is ideal hairstyle for all the times. All you have to do is blow dry your hair, a finger comb and you are good to go. This is definitely one of the best fringe hairstyles of 2016.

8.) Short Fringes for Curly Hair

Short Fringes for Curly Hair- Fringe hairstyles

Short fringes with curly hair look so cool. To make it more interesting you can chop them off. This hairstyle is one of the fringe hairstyles that can be donned by the women of all the ages.

9.) Side Wispy Fringe

Side Wispy Fringe- Fringe hairstyles

This hairstyle might look less feminine but will definitely score you high on fashion. It looks trendy. The bangs styled in the curvy line accentuate the entire look.

10.) Deep Straight Bangs with Point Cut

Deep Straight Bangs with Point Cut- Fringe hairstyles

The medium length hair curls with straight bangs look marvelous on Hooey Decal. It gives her a romantic look. Such hairstyles are apt for Valentine’s Day and other special events. Do give this hairstyle a shot.

11.) Cropped Blunt Bangs

Cropped Blunt Bangs- Fringe hairstyles

The cropped bangs look amazing with a horizontal line. This hairstyle is perfect for the girls with a high forehead. This type of bangs goes well with a short haircut like Lilly Allen’s in the image above.

12.) Faux Fringe

Faux Fringe- Fringe hairstyles

If you want fringes just for a day then this is the ideal hairstyle for you. It gives a fake look of the fringes. This nice retro hairstyle is apt for all the special occasions.

13.) Side Forehead-Veiling Fringe

Side Forehead-Veiling Fringe- Fringe hairstyles

Felicity Jones looks stunning in this hairstyle. The fringes lying diagonally slims down her round face. It is one of the ideal fringe hairstyles for round face.

14.) Side Fringe with Deep Parting

Side Fringe with Deep Parting- Fringe hairstyles

A bob haircut with angled front pieces looks so classy. This hairstyle will go never out of the fashion. This is one of the all-time favorite fringe hairstyles.

15.) Parted Fringe

Parted Fringe- Fringe hairstyles

Parted fringes look mesmerizing especially if you have long hair. It goes best with a classy updo like in the image above. To compliment this you can have copper strands.

16.) Pixie with an Edgy Fringe  

Pixie with an Edgy Fringe - Fringe hairstyles

This is a mesmerizing hairstyle that is perfect for all the occasions. This edgy fringy hairstyle looks cool. You can pair it with a nice sober dress.

17.) Straight Jagged Fringe for a Layered Haircut

Straight Jagged Fringe for a Layered Haircut- Fringe hairstyles

This is the nice hair cut idea for the brunettes. It looks appealing. For chic look don this hairstyle with a crop top or nice short dress.

18.) Side Forehead Framing Fringe

Side Forehead Framing Fringe- Fringe hairstyles

A fringe styled at one side looks mesmerizing like Jessica Chastain in the above image. She looks so gorgeous in this hairstyle with her red lipstick and beautiful smile.

19.) Long Hairstyle with Fringe

Long Hairstyle with Fringe- Fringe hairstyles

Naomi looks so classy in this hairstyle. Her free flowing blunt bangs have accentuated her entire look. This is definitely one of her best looks.

20.) Blunt Horizontal Fringe Styled Slanted

Blunt Horizontal Fringe Styled Slanted- Fringe hairstyles

Blunt horizontal bangs look cute when they are paired with face framing layers. It will make you stand out of the crowd. Do try this lovely hairstyle this season.

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