How to Blow Dry Hair?

Most of us blow dry our hair but in a wrong way that tends to damage the texture of the hair. Hairstyling that includes blow drying should be as minimum as possible and in the right way. If it is done in the correct way you will get an instant makeover. It will give you a brand new hairstyle and many compliments too. Read more, to know the correct way to blow dry hair.

How to Blow Dry Hair

Correct Way to Blow Dry Hair:

1.) Shampoo your Hair

Shampoo your hair before blow drying them. Be sure that you use a hair product that moisturizes your hair nicely since blow drying will rip off the moisture and tend to make your hair dry. So use a shampoo that has moisturizing ingredients. Wash your hair thoroughly. Your hair should be clean and there should be no grim. After the shampoo do not forget to condition your hair.

2.) Towel Dry Hair

Once you have washed your hair dry them with a towel. However, do not rub your hair vigorously with the towel it will lead to frizzing and hair fall. Gently dry them and squeeze the blotting water. Most of the people tend to blow dry hair after washing them. Because of which hair get damaged. So avoid this. And before blow drying your hair make sure that you are 65-70% dried.

3.) Apply a Heat Protectant

To save your hair from further damage apply a pump of heat protectant on your traces thoroughly. You can also apply leave- it-on-conditioner on your hair before heading for blow drying. It will protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer and give you smooth, soft and manageable hair.

4.) Comb Your Hair

Once you have applied heat protectant product comb your hair to remove all the tangles. For best results use a wood comb. You can also use a paddle brush to remove all the knots. To avoid any hassle and hair fall you can comb with wide tooth comb. Evenly comb your hair. This will also help to spread the heat protectant product also.

5.) Separate your Hair into Sections

This is one of the ideal ways to blow dry hair or style them. Once you have comb your hair separate them into the sections.  If you will blow dry the entire lot of hair then it will take too much time, moreover, you will not get a good result as well. So separate you’re into the sections. Be sure that you divide them into small sections.  Separate the sections in the layer and tug them on the top of the hair with a clip. If you have short hair then you can separate them in only 203 sections. For long hair separate them into 6-7 sections.

6.) Blow Dry Hair from the Roots

Unclip the first section and blow dry hair. If you have bangs then blow-dry them first. Do not blow dry your hair from the roots it will damage them. There should be a gap between the scalp and your hair. Hold a section of hair with round hair brush combing and holding the blow dryer above your hair moving in upward to downward section (like in the image above). Be sure that the temperature of the blow dry is not high, the will damage your hair. Also, there must be good space between your hair and blow dryer.  Repeat the same with every section of hair.

7.) Leave Hair Little Damp

Do not dry your hair completely. Leave them a little damp. If you don’t do so then the natural moisture of the hair will get ripped off and your will get dry. Moreover, they will be vulnerable to frizz and split ends. So leave them little dam and finger comb them.

8.) Finish it with Low Temperature

If you are satisfied the way your hair have shaped up then you can finish it by blow drying hair at low temperature. Thoroughly brush your hair and detangle them with your fingers. If you find them dry then you can apply a moisturizing hair serum. It will give you smooth, shiny and manageable hair.

Tips to Blow Dry Hair:

  • Do not blow dry your extremely wet hair.
  • After washing your hair, leave them for a minute then towel-dry them and then go for a blow dry.
  • Do not forget to apply heat protectant before styling your hair.
  • There should be good space between the blow dryer and hair.
  • Do not blow dry your hair often.
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