How to Cut Hair?

Want to try your hands on hairstyling? If yes, then you are at correct place. Hairstyling is not all about different hairstyles it also includes haircuts. The better your haircut would be the better will be the hairstyle. So before starting with hairstyles get your hands on haircutting. Since nobody is perfect. With time, you will gain expertise and become a good hairstylist. Read more, to know techniques and ways to cut hair.

Ways to Cut Hair:

1Decide The Haircut

Once your hair are prepared for a haircut you can start chopping them. To look the best choose a haircut that suits your face.  If you have a round face shape than goo for a layered top, it will add volume and will create the illusion of a narrow chin line. For square shape face wavy styles and wispy bangs is best. It softens the face. But avoid straight cut and bangs. For oval face shape, there is no any such hard and fast rule any haircut will suit this shape.

2Wash Your Hair Before the Haircut

Generally, people shampoo their hair after haircut but on the contrary, it is best to wash your hair before a haircut. It will remove all the dust particles for your hair and it will be easy for to cut hair. Make sure that you use a shampoo and a conditioner according to your hair type.

3Keep the Hair Wet During Haircut

When hair is wet they are jagged in the same place therefore, it is easy to cut them evenly. However, if you have curly hair then avoid wetting them. Even while cutting the hair keep a spray water bottle handy so that you can spray it in your tresses when they get dry.

4Divide the Hair into Sections

To avoid all the hassles while cutting the hair it is best to separate your hair into different sections. Divide your scalp into 6-7 seven sections that are on the top, left side, right side, left crown, right crown, left nape and right nape.

5Secure the Hair

Once you have separated the hair into various sections you can start with the chosen haircut. First, make clean parting line from behind the right ear to left ear. Then create a parting line on all the sides of the head along with parietal ridge. Then comb your hair to make them smooth and to remove all the frizz. Similarly, make a parting line in 6-7 sections starting from the top to the bottom of the head. Clip all the section nicely with the butterfly clip. Once all the sections are secured.

6Begin the Haircut

Now it is actually time to bring your scissors into action. Before that decide how long you want top cut your hair. Remember that wet hair will shorten when they will dry so it’s better to cut less so that you don’t regret later. Accordingly cut the hair around the head. While cutting your hair hold the tresses with light tension and follow the hairline. Make sure that you work along the hairline. Then cut the hair from the side, till ear and then follow this at another side.

7Cut the Hair from Back

Once you have completed the hair cut from the from the back move back side. Again decide the length of the hair you want to chop. If you cutting your own hair then place a mirror at the back so that you can see. Or bring all the hair front and then cut hair. Start cutting the hair with the perimeter of the tresses. First, work from center back to the left side ear and then move to the back and follow the same thing at another side.

8Comb Your Hair

While chopping your tresses make sure you continuously comb your hair. Like the above point cut the hair section by section and keep combing them. If you are cutting your own hair for the first time then you will find many flows but with practice, you will get the expertise in cutting the hair. And do not cut hair in the hurry. Make sure that you evenly chop them from all the sides.

9Blow Dry After Haircut

Once you complete the haircut and fix all the errors blow dry your hair. However, first, let your hair dry naturally. To prevent hair damage blow dry your hair with correct temperature and distance.

10Check the Haircut

After completing the haircut cross checks the cut. It must be the same as you decide for yourself. And you can always correct your flaws so do not panic. Your hair should be even from all the sides.