How to Trim Your Own Hair?

Trimming is a must for healthy growing hair. You should get your hair trimmed after every 2-3 months to get rid of split ends and damaged ends. Besides this, it helps you to get stylish hair and tame the untamed hair. You will never get the look until you get a proper hair cut. Damaged and edgy ends can spoil your hairstyle and look. Here in this article, we will go through the easiest way to trim your hair yourself at home. You don’t need to wait in the crowded saloons wasting your time and money. Here are easy steps to trim your own hair just check.

trim your own hair

Ways to Trim Your Own Hair:

1.) Get a Pair of Scissor

For this purpose, you should have the best pair of scissor. If the scissor at home is not that sharp then you will need to buy a scissor. The hair cutting scissors are different from the usual once. They are mostly available in the beauty supply stores. Using a dull scissor will make your job difficult and you will end up cutting the wrong strands. A sharp scissor is easy to use and helps you to get the best cut.

2.) Clean Your Hair

If you want to trim your own hair then first wash them thoroughly. Use a good Shampoo to wash the hair. This is very necessary to get a proper haircut. Wonder, why salons give you a hair wash every time before a haircut? This is because of the fact that oily or flat hair makes it difficult for you to give a haircut. The external factors like pollution and dust make your hair messed up and in return makes it difficult to get a proper haircut.

3.) Condition Your Hair to Trim Your Own Hair

You should also condition your hair, this will help you to get silky and smooth hair and what better than trimming clean silky and smooth hair. This will help you to get a the perfect hair as each strand of the hair are distinct and free.

4.) Divide the Hair into Different Sections

Comb your hair properly use a comb with broad teeth firstly so that it entangle your hair and later use a fine comb or a brush. make a section of the hair at the crown and tie them up with an elastic band or use a crocodile clip to hold them tight. Loose hair will hamper you while trimming the hair.

5.) Find the Damaged and Split Ends 

The other left out section from lower back is left out swipe the hair in the front side and gradually pull strands in the front of your face so that you can see them properly and chop the damaged and split ends them. Before starting with your scissors have a look at the ends of your hair and find out the damaged or split ends and get rid of them. The ideal way to get the damaged ends are to take off 6mm of the hair from the ends.

6.) Take Off the Clip

After trimming the lower portion remove the clip that was holding the upper section of hair and chop the damaged ends gradually by pulling the strands in front. Do not forget to use a fine comb while pulling the strands. The strands will entangle if you pull the hair with the fingers.

7.) Measure the Exact Length You Want

The trimming would not give a proper shape to your hair so you can get the entire mass of hair at the front and cut the length of the hair as much you wish. Before chopping the hair comb the hair well using a fine brush and make sure that the strands are straight and are not twisted.

8.) Trim the End Section

After you the decide the exact length its time to get the cut. Let the hair remain at the front. Be sure that the hair has been equally separated on both sides, the best way to know that is to check the parted line at the back. The line which parts the two sections should be straight and smooth. Trim the hair by putting it in between your fingers this will help you to get a grip on the strands and avoid it from slipping off. Start with a section.

9.) Make Sure the Ends Match

Both the sections must be equal in length. If your hair loose moisture just spray some water and comb them in the front and comb it. After cutting one section compare it with the other and find out the exact length to trim the other section.

10.) Trim the Ends Only

Now it’s time to trim the other end in the similar way as you did for the first section. Pull the strands and trim the hair by putting it in between your fingers. Be careful that the sections are of the same length. After trimming the other section check the length of both the section. Use a hand mirror to check the hair from the back side. It is simple, turn your back to the mirror and use a hand mirror. This is the easy and simple way to trim your own hair.

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  1. I like what this article mentions about getting a pair of scissors, and all other equipment for that matter. I think it could be very helpful to have your own trimming tools as you could get to know how to work them better. It’s something to keep in mind for my wife as she wants to start doing our families haircuts, including her own.

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