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coconut oil hair mask

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

This article is about benefits and ways to use coconut oil hair mask. Coconut oil is oil has a number of benefits. Talking about hair care, the use and importance of this oil are...
How Long does it Take for Hair to Grow

How Long Does it Take for Hair to Grow?

Hair is a precious asset that needs to be taken cared off. Otherwise, you will regret losing them. Generally, our hair grows 2-3 cm per month. Even if you have completely shaved your heads...
Lavender Oil for Hair

Lavender Oil for Hair

Lavender oil is one of the essential oil that has a bounty of benefits. From, hair, skin to health this oil can be used as a remedy for numerous problems. Lavender essential oil is...
Get healthy hair

How to Get Healthy Hair?

This article is about ways to get healthy hair. Getting healthy and beautiful hair is a dream of every girl. But to get healthy hair, it might take some time and efforts. If you...
Baking Soda for Hair

Baking Soda for Hair

Baking soda is one of the common household ingredients. It is found in almost every kitchen. But do you know the same ingredients can also be used to fix your hair problems? Yes, baking...
Lavender Essential Oils for hair

Essential Oils for Hair

Every girl’s dreams for long and luscious hair. To get the long, lustrous tresses we can go to any extent. From using expensive hair products to pricey hair treatments we might try everything to get...
Remedies to prevent hair loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

This article is about remedies to prevent hair loss. Heredity, various medicines, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency and stress are prime causes of hair loss. Once the hair fall starts it's difficult to reverse it...

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