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treat and prevent thinning hair in women

Treat and Prevent Thinning Hair in Women

In this article, we are discussing several remedies to prevent thinning hair in women. Hair thinning is a problem faced by both men and women. As compared to men women loss hair 40% approximately....
Biotin for Hair growth

Biotin for Hair Growth

Biotin which is also known as vitamin H is one of the B-complex vitamins that help the body to convert food into energy. Biotin is reputed to keep the hair and skin healthy. This vitamin...
Make Hair Grow Faster

How to Make Hair Grow Faster?

How can someone forget the fairy story of Rapunzel? The long and luscious hair is a dream for girls from the childhood. But the fact is that there are no shortcuts for growing your...
coconut oil for hair growth

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Coconut oil is renowned for hair growth. This oil has been used throughout history, for healthy hair, skin and metabolism. External application of this oil is highly beneficial for health. It is highly beneficial...
Hair loss in women

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss has become a major health issue for women. The most common symptom of hair loss in women is the receding of the front hairline, widening of the center part or a bald...
Castor oil for hair

Castor Oil for Hair

Castor oil is one of the best natural formulas for keeping your hair healthy, shiny and strong. It is one of the traditional ways of hair care. The oil contains ricinoleic acid and omega-...
Best Hair Growth Vitamins

Best Hair Growth Vitamins

In this article, we are discussing the best hair growth vitamins. Getting the right hair growth vitamins is important for the overall health of your hair. Lack of any vitamins and minerals can lead...

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