30 Stunning Fade Haircuts for Black Men

The gradual transition of the hair texture is called the fade haircut. The transition is basically from short to long hair. It is characterized by chic finish and gradual tapering of the hair. This hair is for both casual and formal looks. We are going to discuss the fade hairstyles with lots of variations and styles in this particular hairstyle. The hairstyle is neat and gives you a clean feel. Here in this article, we will discuss the best fade haircuts for black men.

30 Stunning Fade Haircuts for Black Men

1Cool Afro Fade Haircut for Black Man

This haircut looks cool with a well-trimmed afro haircut. The temples are faded along with a twist of comparative long hair on the top. You can style it with your formal and casuals as well.

2Classy Fade Haircuts for Black Men

This haircut provides a neat feature to your personality. The sides and the back are clean and faded with afro texture on the top. Pop star User has adopted this cool look. For a dapper look, you can pair this with classy glasses and black jacket.

3Corners Fade Haircut for Black Men

This flattering haircut is that in which the corners are faded. The faded corners add an interesting twist to the hairstyle. Whether you have to attend a party or have to go to a meeting, this must be a go-to hairstyle for you.

4Well Polished Fade Haircuts For Black Men

This hairstyle is characterised by the gradual thinning of hair on the sides. It looks great with the flawless graduation of length and ultra polished faded finish at the ear line. The Hollywood superstar Will Smith has a well polished faded hairstyle. He looks so classy and sexy. Isn’t he!

5Smooth Temple Fade Haircuts for Black Man

This hairstyle might look like a bald fade black man, but it is slightly different. It is a type of polished haircut with faded temples. Have you seen the captain America video? Yes, Antony Mackie had this polished haircut on the show.

6Extra Short Fade Haircuts for Black Men

The fade haircut for black man is neat one with faded sides and very short hair. Despite being simple it is indeed a classy fade haircut for you to try. Pair this haircut with a black tuxedo, black bow, and geek glasses and trust us people won’t stop themselves praising you.

7Artsy Fade Haircut for Black Men

This haircut is not completely faded one. The hairstyle is characterised with curly hair on the top and dividers on both sides of the head while the length reduction is same as other fade haircuts are. This is definitely one of the funky fade haircuts for men.

8Fade Temple With Faded Sides

In this haircut, the ear line is faded along with the temples, it is similar to bald fade black man haircut. It gives you a neat and classy look with its neat fades on the temples and the sides while the top remains one length and the back slightly shortened.

9Fade with Short Wave on the Top

This haircut is one of the faded once where the fade are perfectly blended to the length of the short wavy hair at the top. This is one of the haircuts for the Afro wavy hair texture and a perfect fade haircut for black men.

10High Fade Haircuts for Black Man

The extra fade haircut is that in which the fade lines are above the ear lines almost till the parts. Yes, this too looks like bald fade black man haircut but it’s slightly different.

11Square Forehead Fade Haircut

Square faces are ideal once for men. Black men with the square face can customise their look with a square forehead fade cut. These haircuts, in fact, one of the stunning one for black men. Do try this haircut this summers.

12Clean Low Fade Haircut for Black Man

This haircut is characterised by neatly trimmed hair tapered on the sides. The fades are below the temple level giving you a classy and a well-balanced clean look.

13Kinky Coils Fade Haircut for Black Men

All the men out there willing to try a different hairstyle, have found the one for themselves. This hairstyle is characterised by faded sides and long kinky coils on the top. The coils must be quite long to give you the perfect look you deserve.

14Volume on Top Fade Haircut for Black Men

The temples are faded and blend gradually with the hair on the sides. The top remains voluminous and combed backwards. You can style the long hair in of the way you prefer.

15Shappy Fade Haircut for Black Men

You can try a faded look with the longer hair on the top. This is a classy haircut with the unique feature. This haircut calls no fuzz.

16Fade Haircuts for black Man with Mohawk for Black Men

If you prefer keeping it too short and neat, you can go for  a high fade with a short mohawk on the top. This hairstyle is quite in these days.

17 Mohawk Fade Haircuts with Tapered Sides

The mohawk style combined with fades and tapered sides look great on men. Keep the hair on the sides shorter and faded at the area near the ear lines.

18Low Faded Shaved Haircuts for Black Men

This haircut is an illusion for the observer. The ear line is shaved. The hair from the top gradually fades again the side parts are shaved. This hairstyle resembles the bald fade black man haircut from the sides and at the back. Whereas the top has very short hair.

19Curly Afro Faded Mohawk for Black Man

This is close to the African style of haircut. This is a great hairstyle for guys with curly hair. In this hairstyle, the sides are faded and the hair on the top are a bit longer. You can style the hair at the top the way you want. This haircut looks great with a well-trimmed beard.

20 Geometrical Fade Haircuts for Black Man

You can add unique features to your haircut by utilizing the geometrical shapes and accurate lines to define the hairline. This haircut suits all types of hair especially the African curly thick hair. This is a sober fade haircut for a black man.

21Curly Faded Haircut for Black Men

If you have curly hair you can go for a simple haircut with faded sides and with tapered hair on the top.

22Upscaled Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Upscaled mohawk style in vogue especially after it got highlighted by famous personalities. The hairstyle is one of the extreme styling with faded sides and the hair in the center are noticeably longer.

23Almost Bald Fade Black Man

This haircut is almost bald hairstyle. The extra short haircut has a border with complete bald features. You can keep the sides extra short faded or low as you wish. This bald fade black man haircut is perfect for summers.

24Fade Haircuts with Short Curly Hair

You can customise your curly hairstyle with faded sides and short hair on the top. It displays the natural curls in perfect edges. The sides of this style resemble bald fade black man hairstyles

25Spiky Fade Haircuts for Black Men

You can add some versatile features to your haircut by adding some spikes in the hairstyle. Get a haircut with faded sides and slightly longer hair on the top. Use gel to make spikes out of the hair. This hairstyle is perfect for guys with thin hair.

26Wave Fade Haircut for Black Man

This haircut adds dimension to your hairstyle with a simple wavy line to the side of your hair. This is a perfect fade haircut for a black man to flaunt their creativity.

27Fade Haircuts with Natural Twist

Curly twist does not look good on men. To get a good look you can get a faded cut on the sides which gradually becomes thinner and are laid back in direction.

28Curly High Top Fade Haircuts for Black Man

Curly hair might not look good all over. But they look good in high top. The sides are faded and shaved near the ear line. You can customise your haircut with shaved designs on the back side.

29Faded Haircuts for V Shaped Forehead

The ideal shape for men is the square face once. Faded haircuts look excellent on them but there are cuts which look great on  an elongated face. The ideally polished fades with long hair on the top look perfect for the V-shaped face. The best features of this haircut are the smooth finish and the flawless lines.

30360 Waved and Beard Fade Haircuts for Black Men

If you have wavy hair then customize the hard texture of your hair with this haircut. The chief characteristic of the haircut is clean cuts and low faded top hair with 360 waves.