20 Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

Layered haircuts are in demand these days. Everyone wants trendy, new, effortless and fresh hairstyle. So we have got some fresh and cute long layered haircuts that are perfect for every season, hair texture and face shape. It beautifully frames your face and gives you a classy look. Leave them loose or style them in any way layered haircut looks mesmerizing. And the bangs just accentuates the look. If you are planning for a haircut then you can give a shot to a layered haircut with bangs. Here we have compiled best long layered haircuts with bangs you must try,

List of Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs:

1Layered Hairstyle with Thick Fringe

First in our list of long layered haircuts with bangs is this classy haircut with thick bangs. Layer haircut has their own charm. It frames your face beautifully and the thick bangs work like icing on the cake. You can always carry this hairstyle to any special date or for a party look.

2Messy Brunette Layered Hair

Tousled haircuts and hairstyle are in vogue. They give you messy looks that look stunning. This haircut will enhance the beauty of your long luscious hair and give you trendy look. Plus, it saves you from all the hassles of styling.

3Long Shaggy Hairstyle with Light Bangs

This haircut is one of the niche long layered haircuts with bangs. It will give you a flattering look that is perfect for all the occasions. Just keep it messy for added texture and body to your hair.

4Layered Blond Hair with Light Bangs

The blonde hair will take you layered haircut a level high and you will look like a diva. The bangs on the forehead, the color of the hair and your hair cut will complement each other, so do try this pretty one layered haircut.

5Sombre Hair with Long Light Bangs

The soft brown ombre hair color will boast your haircut. And the soft long bangs will work as a cherry on the cake. With this long haircut, you can try different hairstyle or can leave them loose. In any way, you are going to dazzle.

6Mahogany Hairstyle with Long Layers

If you are looking for decent yet classy hair color then you should zero to mahogany. It will accentuate the look of your layered haircuts and give you an elegant look. To spice, the look ask for bangs.

7Tousled Hairstyles with Cropped Bangs

Messy hairstyle gives a nice chic look and cropped bangs will make you look younger. It will make look bold and classy. So girls do try this hairstyle.

8Shaggy Layered Brunette Hairstyle

Shaggy layers work best for all the face shapes and hair textures. It adds much-needed volume to your hair and makes them more bouncy. To make your haircut more interesting you can color it brunette.

9Beach Blonde Wispy Layers with High Crown

The best hairstyle is the one in which your hair are free to move and this hairstyle offers the same. The main focus in this hairstyle is a crown area that looks classy with long bangs. On the top hair are slightly teased to add some height that looks so amazing with beach blonde.

10Ginger Brown Shaggy Layers with Light Bangs

The brown color might bore but this hue of brown looks so classy and adds brightness on your face. This hair color will redefine your layered cut. This adorable and cute hairstyle is definitely one of the best long layered haircuts with bangs this season.

11Dark and Straight Layered Haircut with Bangs

If you like straight hair then this hairstyle is definitely for you. The sharp edges and front long bangs enhances your facial features well. It will give you a sweet and adorable look that is just perfect for younger girls. Plus, it open to different styling options as well.

12Shiny Dark Chocolate Layers

Who does not like chocolates? The dark chocolate color will uplift your mood and give you are a trendy look that you desired for. The long bangs will complement the layers.

13Long Subtle Layers and Highlights

Long layers look stunning and the sublet balayage hair color with dark and light ends just accentuates your overall look. It gives you subtle and soft look that is just apt for college and workplace.

14Formal Long Layers

Like name like a hairstyle. This haircut is perfect for the formal events. With this, you do not have to create a hairdo. Just blow-dry your hair, brush your hair, curl if necessary and you are good to go.

15Curly Layers for Older Women

The layered haircut has no age bar. Even a matured women or older women can wear it and look as classy and the youngsters. The side bangs will give them a younger and fresh look.

16Layers with Heavy Sid-Swept Bangs

This hairstyle has been in trend for a while and has been tried by many style icons.  The side swept is heavy in this hairstyle and the layers begin from the chin, shoulder or neck to shape the style well.

17Bangs with Long Layered Waves

The bangs in this hairstyle will cover the forehead and the layers will give you a soft and subtle look. To make this hairstyle interesting you can get your tresses colored.

18Outward Layered Haircut with Bangs

Regular layers might look dull and boring, to give a twist to your hairstyle go for outward layers with some sharp edges. It will give you fresh look. Plus it is best hairstyle for thin hair.

19Front Layers

If you just want to enhance your facial feature and do not want chop the entire length of the hair then this haircut is apt for you. The front layers will frame your face beautifully without hampering the length of your hair.

20Layered Haircut with Tapered Ends

This haircut is ideal for thin hair. It adds volume to it and makes them look thick.  Also, the bangs are longer so you can easily tuck them with a hair pin or behind the ear. This is one of the best long layered haircuts with bangs of 2016.