20 Cute Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Emo hairstyle, at present, is the most popular. Especially among girls and teens. This hairstyle has emerged from punk rock genre of music. The term emo itself is from the punk rock culture. The style influenced the young teens. You can almost say that the style went viral amongst the teens. This style is more expressive and speaks about one’s personality and style. There are various cute emo hairstyles for girls. Here in this article we are going show you cutest emo hairstyles for girls you can choose from but the basic concept behind this hairstyle is choosing one that would look perfect on your face and would resemble your personality.

The most important characteristics of this hairstyle are:
• Bangs
• Layers
• Color
• Styling

20 Cute Emo Hairstyles for Girls

1.) Floral Bands and Dye Emo Hairstyle

floral emo hairstyle

If you have blonde hair then you can try this emo hairstyl. The contrast between blonde hair and pretty flowers are one of the unique hairstyles. You can use a floral crown or and a pretty tiara of vibrant colours like red or pink for this hair style. The combination of the hot pink flowers and blonde hair will steal your heart. For hair which are of middle length deep dye the ends of your hair so that they fall in perfect contrast, you can go for a shade lighter than the flowers you have used for the hairstyle.

2.) Simple braids for Emo Hairstyles for Girls

simple braid emo hairstyle

Simple styles can be the best and bring the gracious once. Braids are simple yet complicated once. You can tie two braids and leave the choppy hair bangs free. On the other hand, you can also bring the hair to a side and just tie a flat side swept band and leave the choppy chunks free.

3.) Colored Bangs Emo Hairstyles for Girls

colored bangs emo hairstyle

The bang in emo hairstyle are straight angles one. You can consider it as the signature of this hairstyle. You can simply colour the bangs. You can go for a single shade of colour but the coolest style is to go for a combination of two shades. You can choose shades of close contrast to the color of the bangs of your hair.

4.) Colorful Emo Hairstyles for Girls

colorful emo hairstyle

If you do not like to tie your hair you can just leave them free and can just color them. You can go for the various color combination. The hairstyle looks great with volumes fringes. While coloring go for the darker ends and lighter roots.

5.) Rainbow Colored Curler Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Rainbow Colored Curler Emo Hairstyle

Color are the most important feature of the emo hairstyle. If you have long hair and you can choose some vibrant color. For blonde hair go for bright colours of the rainbow.

6.) Pixie Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Pixie Emo Hairstyle

Edgy twist hairstyle is in vogue. You can leave a few long angles chunks on the side. The edgy twists are the main feature of the emo hairstyle.

7.) Shoulder Length Colourful Lob Emo Hairstyles for Girls

solder length emo hairstyle

You can blend several shades of neon colours and colour like green, purple, yellow without looking overwhelming. They look great with straightened ends and slightly teased crown.

8.) Light Pink Waved Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Pretty Light Pink Waved Emo Hairstyle

The pretty light pink wave provides a soft omber effect on your hair. You can just colour your hair with the pretty pink colour and create these loose waves. You can also tie a tight bun before going to bed to keep up with the gorgeous wavy locks.

9.) Messy Pixie with Color Highlights Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Messy Pixie with Color Highlights Emo Hairstyle

Pixies are mostly preferred by girls as they are easy to adapt. If you want to add more of the punk feature just highlight the front section with a vibrant color. Get some messy curls on the highlighted hairs.

10.) Colored Mullet Emo Hairstyle

Colored Layers emo hairstyles for girls

This hairstyle is one of the boldest once. You can combine a mullet with a long chunk of dyed hair. You can use pastel purple and pink. Cropped fringe also look best with the hairstyle.

11.) Colored Layers Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Colored Layers emo hairstyles for girls

Layered hair looks great when it’s up to shoulders length. It looks more feminine with soft curls and side swept banks. Use a curling machine or a straightener to make some loose curls.

12.) Textured Pixie Emo Hairstyle

Textured Pixie emo hairstyles for girls

You can shave off a side of your head and make out patterns like stars or geometrical once. Pixie is one of the easiest hairstyles to manage. The texturing spray can add some extra features to your haircut. This style will never let you unnoticed. You can also give a unique silver texture to your blonde hair to enhance your complexion and give you a different look apart from pink and red textured which are common.

13.) Purple Teal Emo Hairstyle

Purple Teal emo hairstyles for girls

There are things beyond black and brown. Step out with brilliant and vibrant colors like purple and teal. Combine both the colors give teal shades to the end of your hair and purple on the top. This combination looks stunning with straight hair.

14.) Sharply Streaked Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Sharply Streaked Emo Hairstyle

Sharply streaked emo haircut looks great on straight hair. The long layers and heavy side swept banks enhance the style. The edges are pointed.

15.) Extra Long with Super Volume Emo Hairstyle

Sharply Streaked Emo Hairstyle

You can also have some really adorable lift on the crown and side bangs with long and straight hair. Highlight them if you want.

16.) Duo Tones Blonde Emo Hairstyles for Girls

 Duo Tones Blonde Emo Hairstyle

Almost all emo styles are black, brown or red. If you have blonde hair you can choose the two-toned blonde hairstyle.

17.) Fishtail Emo Hairstyle

Fishtail Emo Hairstyle

Fishtail is in vogue you can simply make a nice side swept mess on top and tie a fishtail at the ends. This will give you a fancy emo look.

18.) Peek-A-Boo Emo Hairstyles for Girls

pee a boo emo hairstyles for girls

This style looks pretty dramatic with a layer of blonde streaks on the top of a black base. This hairstyle looks great on straight hairs.

19.) Coontail Emo Hairstyle

Coontails Emo Hairstyle

You can make a coon tail using dye or mascaras or shape markers. You can go for a basic colour like red and make coon tail patches at the ends. You can also have them on your blonde hair without any other colours.

20.)  Princes Emo Hairstyles for Girls

princess emo hairstyle

You can pair up some of the cute and classy accessorize for a pretty prince like look. If you are using a crown let it peek out of your crown. You can use hair clips or bows or bands.