20 Best Zig Zag Braids For Men

The braids are not only limited to girls, now a days men braids are so popular also. You can get a zig zag braids for men to enhance your looks. Men with long hair have the advantage to create different and creative hairdo. Here in this article, we will be going through the best and the most inspiring zig zag braids for men. These hairstyles are creative, intricate, simple and awesome.

20 Best Zig Zag Braids For Men:

1Sleek Ponytail Zig Zag Braids For Men:

You can customize your long hair with a sleek ponytail at the back. Create a long loose ponytail for your long hair to get a cool hairdo. This zig zag braided low-key ponytail is a nice option for men to try.

2 Classy Zig Zag Braids for Men

This is definitely one of the classy zig zag braids for men to try. The best fact about the braided hairstyle is that you can create great designs and patterns. Braid your hair with zigzag partition.

3Braided Extension for Men

You can get a creative extension with your long hair. The hairstyle features a messy incomplete pony with the long traditional micro braids that are weaved in the zig zag way. It looks so classy. Isn’t It!

4Intricated Zig Zag Braids for Men

It is a creative zig zag braided hairstyle with the combo of the smaller chunky french braid and small cornrow hairstyle. You can get the haircut with various designs. This intricate braid is perfect hairdo for men.

5 Braided Buns for Men

You can also get a sophisticated braid with a braided long hair. This hairstyle looks great on guys with long hair and beard. Simply weave your braid in a zig jag style and pull the locks into a braid.

6 Deep Parted Braid with Top Knot 

This is a simple yet classy variant of the zig zag braids. The man bun hairstyle looks great with a high top knot. This hairstyle is inspired by the faux hawk effect. Customize your hairdo with a side swept braid gathered together to create a top knot.

7Multiple French Zig Zag Braids for Men with a Pony

This unique hairstyle is a combination of braids and ponytail. Create multiple braids with the traditional french braid hairstyle and tie a low pony.

8Classic Cornrow Zig Zag Braids for Men

The cornrows are close to the traditional African hairstyle. This hairstyle features the traditional cornrows braids weaved in the zig jag pattern. This Afro-American hairstyle is unisexual and looks great on guys with all hair length. So do try this hairstyle.

9 Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a nice amalgam of the mohawk, braids and skin fade hairstyle. The mohawk style braids  in the zig zag pattern are really cool. The hairstyle also features a side shaved that takes this hairstyle a notch higher. Isn’t it looks cute with a mustache!

10Braided Pony for Men

The zig zag braided ponytail hairstyle is the best hairstyle for men with long hair. You can simply create a short braid taking the hair at the front and then secure them into a low-key pony. Trust us it will look damn classy.

11French Zig Zag Braids for Men

The french zig-zag braid looks cool with the long mohawk haircut. Create a french braid by intertwining the hair from the front hairline and the hair on the crown and secure it with an elastic around the nape. The interweaving of the french braids resembles the zig zag patterns. Isn’t it!

12Neat Zig Zag Braids for Men

This is a unique hairstyle to create. Part your hair into two section i.e right left and right. The parting will be marked in a zig zag way and then braid your hair. This is definitely one of the simple and sober zig zag braids for men to try.

13Reverse Braid Undercut Mohawk Hairstyle

Though this braid does not fall into a zig zag pattern but guys can still consider this braided hairstyle.You can create this with a mohawk hairstyle with a reverse french braid. If you have a mohawk haircut with long hair at the top you can create a reverse french braid out of it to get a mohawk hairstyle.

14Simple Traditional Brads for Men

A traditional zig zag braid is also an option for you. If you have long hair you can choose this simple and easy hairstyle to get an iconic look.

15Braided Sides for Men 

This is indeed one of the best zig zag braids for men. Part the sides and create a sleek braid with the hair at the sides. The side braids will fall in the zig zag pattern that will take this hairstyle a notch higher.

16Partially Braided Pony for Men

The hairstyle features a sleek and neatly woven braid at both the sides of the crown. The braids are pulled to tie a pony just bellow the crown. Though it is not a zig zag braid but still one can give try to it for a classy look.

17Blonde Zig Zag Braids for Men

Colored braids highlight your hairstyle they will never fail to make you notice. You can get blonde corn rows with unique designs.

18Duo Toned Braids for Men

You can try shades of different color to get an impactful look. Create a simple double braid and secure them together to get this classy hairstyle.

19Braids for Men with Mini Bun

You can make a mini out of the inverted braid to create a unique hairstyle. Make a mini bun at the back.

20Zig Zag Braids for Men with Tattoo

You can also get an undercut haircut with long hair at the top. For those who have tattoos can go for double long braids for the long hair at the to