15 Black Men Mohawk Hairstyles

The faux hawk or mohawk hairstyles are bold unique hairstyle. The haircut is away from the traditional or regular haircuts. For American man, this hairstyle suits their personality and hair texture. The authentic mohawk hairstyles feature shaved sides or faded features at the sides. The hairstyle is spotted to be most sporty hairstyle. Here in this article, we have listed best black men mohawk hairstyles. You can also get mohawk hairstyle with curled hair, African texture or combined with dreadlock or may be with the intricate braids.

15 Black Men Mohawk Hairstyles

1Short Dreadlock Mohawks for Black Men

Short kinky curls are really cute, usher has this African texture and he chooses to go for a low and short haircut to stay handsome and dashing. The haircut features skin faded low sides at the airline and lower hairlines of the sides. The hairline at the front is square shaped.

2Designed Mohawks for Black Men

If you want some fun with your haircut then try this intricate and detailed work black men mohawk hairstyle. Creativity is always unique and goes very well with haircuts. You can design the undercuts with intricate patterns. It defines your personality too.

3Short and Simple Buzz Mohawks

Have you tried the combination of buzz cut with mohawk haircut? It is indeed a cool hairstyle featuring short version of the military haircut. Again this is easy to maintain haircut with no such fuss.

4Long and Low Mohawks for Black Men

The low faded looks combined with a mohawk hairstyle looks great on African hair texture. The upper section is blended into the low fade seamlessly. The extension at the back is lined in V shape at the nape. You can try this haircut for an everyday look.

5Twisted Mohawks for Black Men

The haircut features faded sides and this looks cool on African funky textured hair. While the hair at the front is twisted. The twisted feature helps to enhance the texture of the hair.

6Short Low Fade African Mohawks

The mohawk haircut features sides with fades merging with the low fade to gradually meet the faux hawk at the center. This is a great mohawk style for the black men.

7Curly Mohawks for Black Men

The mohawk hairstyle is ideal for almost all variety of hair texture. For African naturally curled hair you can customize the haircut with faded and low sides.

8Braided Mohawks for Black Men

Men look great with super long box braided hair customized with a simple mohawk haircut. For braided haircuts the faded sides are not ideal you can rather go for clean shaved or evenly shaved sides.

9Thick and Stark Black Men Mohawk

You can get an ethnic haircut for your thick hair. The hairstyle features sides with almost shaved look while the hair in the middle is shaped in a mohawk style. The hairline at the sides is skin faded.

10Natural Kinky Black Men Mohawk

The natural kinky curls are African-textured hair. The intricate curls look cute on African guys, you can customize the haircut with a simple mohawk haircut.

11Curly Black Men Mohawk with Square Hairline

The haircut features a fine mohawk haircut with fades at the sides melting down smoothly for the skin fade effect. The forehead hairline is customized with a square line hairline to give you an intricate look.

12Long Dreadlock Mohawks for Black Men

The African dreadlocks look cool with the mohawk haircut. The hairstyle features faded hair at the sides while the top hair is of dreadlocks.

13Wild Feathered Mohawks for Black Men

This mohawk haircut features the long length hair at the quiff and shaved sides. The hairstyle sets a stonic tone with the skin faded sides. Dye some front quiffs with blonde color for more interesting look.

14Modern Black Men Mohawk

The modern mohawk hairstyle features skin faded sides designed with patterns and designs. While the hairline at the forehead is square shaped with some detailed work. The haircut suits the African texture haircut and style.

15Rocking Black Men Mohawk

You can get a rock star look with a spiky smooth mohawk haircut. The haircut features faded hair at the sides and the hair at the front is perfectly spiked up. Get this bold and funky look for any special event.